Our vision is to become market leaders for all the brands we represent.

Alberto provides you with a variety of premium food products, including Oil & Rice, Tomato Paste, Sauces, Mushroom, Corn, Spices and Jam

Romeo is one of the leading brands that provides you with the finest products such as disposable gloves, cleaning equipment, non woven goods, etc

Protect Plus is a brand that presents Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl and HDPE gloves. Protect Plus also provides HDPE aprons.

KH-7 is a Spanish product line that includes many types of detergents that are used for different usage and purposes

From BBQ sticks, loofah, kitchen towels, candles to toothpicks, Loulou collection includes it all. The finest top quality products to satisfy our customers.

Tala is a brand that provides you with bathroom essentials from bathroom accessories to bathroom towels.

Powermax batteries provides you with long lasting batteries that presents you superior performance for the various types of devices.

Nuage is a line of products that takes care of personal hygiene and beauty

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